Send us gear and get discounted products!


1) Contact us

Email us at or using the Contact Us feature at the top of this page.  Let us know you will be sending gear our way.

2) Clean your gear

We sometimes destroy gear during our cleaning process.  Please make sure your gear is clean before you send it.  We will NOT clean gear that is sent to us for personal bag use.  No exceptions.

Please note we do not make gear repairs when making the bag.  If there are holes/loose velcro/etc it will stay that way.

3) Fill out Sending Gear Form

Fill out and sign the Sending Gear form at the bottom of this page.  Make sure to include it in the box when you ship your gear.

4) Ship it to us

Ship the cleaned gear to:

Get Hosed Apparel

PO Box 111; 447 Ward Street

Helena, OH 43435

Please make sure to include the "Sending Gear" form in the box. We only use the outter shells when creating your custom bag so please DO NOT send liners.

5) We contact you via email

We will email you on the same email thread you used to contact us to give you your custom promo code.  You will receive a $15 credit per piece of gear sent to make any bag.  Most bags take about one full set.  If you only have one piece we will add pieces from our stock.

**You have 30 days from the time we issue the promo code to place your order.  Otherwise your gear will be considered a donation**

6) Anxiously await a tracking number

Non Holiday ship times are around 5-6 weeks from time of order.  You will receive a FedEx tracking number once your product ships.  Need it sooner? Pay a $30 expedite fee and your bag could ship within 7 days!

Sending Gear Form

Sending Gear Form (pdf)